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8:40 am
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9:00 am to 3:35 pm

Maple Elementary School (MES) houses students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade and has an enrollment of approximately 275 students.  The mission of MES is to develop a community of learners who feel safe, challenged, and inspired; engage in quality learning experiences that lead to independence; achieve their fullest potential; build a life-long love for learning; and cooperate with a positive attitude.

 As with any elementary school, our main focus is on both literacy and math.  All instruction is driven by the Indiana Common Core Standards and achievement data at the class, benchmark, or State level.  Instruction begins with a whole group demonstration by the teacher.  From there, the teacher serves as the facilitator who supports students as they work in small groups to practice what was taught.  The overall objective for our students is to engage ALL of them in the learning, and this is done by using effective total participation techniques.  Emphasis is placed on high order questioning to help our students to think deeper in order to be prepared for the challenges of the spring State test (ISTEP+) and to become problem-solvers for real world dilemmas.  Our main goal in all of this is to develop students to become self-assessors not only for school learning but for life.  For those students who struggle in this setting, we have interventionists who work with them in small groups or individually on what they were unable to master in the classroom.  The students spend from 30-45 minutes daily with the interventionists until they reach mastery.  Enrichment activities are provided to those students who catch on quickly.  In other words, we have high expectations for ALL of our students, and there is something in place at every level to help ALL students to achieve.

A Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system is used to help our students to develop and maintain appropriate behaviors.  Emphasis is placed on perseverance, integrity, respect, accountability, trustworthiness, excellence, and self-discipline.  There are school-wide student expectations for the students to follow that help them to make MES a safe and successful learning environment.

All that has been mentioned above is able to happen effectively because of the willingness of the teaching staff to collaborate a minimum of three times per week to learn more about teaching methods for instructing the 21st century child, analyzing student work, and planning.  This is why MES is an achieving school.

Outstanding Qualities

  • “A” rated school by the state of Indiana

  • 15 percent increase in English/Language Arts ISTEP+ scores over the past three years

  • 13 percent increase in Math ISTEP+ scores over the past three  years

  • One of only two schools in Indiana to be named as a Title I Distinguished School

  • Received a Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration (CSRD) grant totaling over $300,000

  • Two teachers from MES have been recognized as the Greater Clark County School Teacher of the Year (2003 and 2008)

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